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i-life Nano-Porous Film 3D Mask

It is important for a mask to form a good seal around your face otherwise it isn't effective in filtering out harmful particulate matter and bacteria that can cause allergies and respiratory problems.

This three-dimensional mask was designed specifically to conform to the features of an Asian face.

The goal was to provide a more comfortable and secure seal on your face and therefore provide a higher filtration capability. The mask also allows you to breathe more easily and doesn't feel overly stifling to wear.

  • The mask can also be adjusted to fit with the contours on the bridge of your nose.
  • Excellent filtering capability for pollutant matter.
  • Water Resistant whereas other masks easily absorb water droplets
  • Can be stored for longer than most regular masks
  • The mask can be washed and reused as long as the filter membrane is not damaged

The mask is designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

Military Grade Material

i-life is a Taiwan based company that manufactures protective materials and clothing for military grade applications including biological warfare. They are committed to manufacturing the world's top PTFE film. 

  • Multi - layer micro - microporous structure
  • High water resistance with 70 nanometer holes blocking water droplets from penetrating the material.
  • High permeability -- up to 90% allows adequate air flow
  • Excellent resistance to PH 1-14 chemical liquids

 How effective is the mask?

The mask can filter:

  • PM0.075 μm TTRI Test by Taiwan Textile Research Institute> 99.9%
  • VFE (virus 0.3 μm) United States Nelson test> 99.9%
  • BFE (bacteria 3.0 μm) United States Nelson test> 99.9%
  • DOP (oily particles 0.3 μm) United States Nelson test> 95.3%
  • SBP anti-blood penetration> 120 mm Hg

Can the mask be washed? How?

Yes, the mask can be washed. 

The mask can be washed if it becomes dirty. Washing does not remove any particulate matter trapped in the filter material, but it will remove dust/makeup/sweat etc. that collects on the mask surface. Simply use your fingers or a toothbrush to brush away any dirt that collects on the outside of the mask.

The material is quite sturdy, but be careful not to tear or puncture the material when washing.

After washing the mask, place it on a clean surface with the mask open as shown in the photo below. Allow the mask to dry fully before using it again.

3D Mask

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